Lately I have been wanting to look at pictures from my childhood, and since I am home for the summer I thought this would be the best time. A couple weeks ago I pulled out a huge box of photos. My dads a photographer so you can only imagine the amount of photos he took of his kids. I originally planned to start a series called "Flashback Friday" but for the past two Fridays I have forgotten to post this so I decided that for today it wont be on Friday (that goes to show you how often this post will be on time since I couldn't even do it for the first of the series... my apologies). 

I love this picture. I am such a daddy's girl. There I am wearing a Balloon Fiesta shirt and playing, without a doubt, train sounds on the harmonica while my dad played train songs. Our little "Jam Sessions" are some of my fondest memories from my childhood. My dad passed down to me a lot of the hobbies that I have today, such as my love of music. 

I want to point out a couple things... First, I am incredibly cute. Second, look at that old school boom box. Third, my dad sold that old guitar a couple years ago and got a new one. Now that I am looking at a picture of it I really miss it. It was the first guitar I ever played. Fourth, look how completely legit my dad is with his harmonica holder.

A little reminiscing.

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