Road Trip: Alien Encounter

The subject of aliens is very (and when I say very I mean extremely) touchy for me... and I don't know why. I have always been really intrigued by outer space and what is there. My dad passed down to me the love of astronomy. Sometimes I wish that I didn't live in a city so that I could sit on my roof and start gaze at more then 30 stars. As I said before, the subject of aliens is touchy... and you may be wondering why I say that. Well, I have stayed up really late watching those alien encounter shows way too many times. It's almost as if  start believing that stone henge was created by extraterrestrials for the purpose of direction and mapping. I won't get into the politics or whatever of aliens; but I think that I enjoy being afraid of them? It is really hard to explain. The point is that when I talk about aliens I get emotional and start crying. This has happened maybe three times and is very embarrassing. My friends probably think I am insane. The strangest part about my emotions over aliens is that I am not crying out of fear. It's almost a happy or overjoyed cry with a slight amount of fear. I know... I know... If I hadn't already convinced you that I am insane I probably just confirmed it for you.

So on my road trip I forced my dad to stop in Roswell, NM which is famous for it's alleged alien space ship crash years ago. The best part about the town is that they totally play it up. There are alien museums everywhere! The McDonalds play place is a huge space ship! Sooo cool.

Unfortunately I didn't get to take any pictures inside the museum of all the incredibly creepy alien photos, but here's a little taste of Roswell, NM. I am not saying that you should make a trip to Roswell, but if you happen to be near by or driving through I highly suggest stopping and looking around a while. It's definitely an adventure!


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