Instagram Alternative.

  The fact that when Instagram finally comes to android but is not supported on my phone still haunts me. I literally waited forever for it to come out only to be disappointed. Good news is that I only have a few months left on my contact and I will be switching over to an iphone! Here are a few Instagram Alternative photos from the past couple weeks.

1. I babysat my aunts incredibly cute, but incredibly spoiled dog Nugget (whom I call Nuggy).
2. I go to see sweet little Riley. It's hard to explain my realtion to little Riley... but I consider myself his aunt?
3. The second pair of slippers that I have received from my buddy Courtney in the past 6 months. She's so forgetful... but I love them.
4. Fried Stuffed Avocado. Possibly my most favorite meal ever...
5. The cup cake tower birthday cake Tabby and Damarice made for me!
6. Beach Day!
7. My messy room that has only gotten messier.
8. The avocado tacos I made the other night. Sooo good. If you want the recipe just email me!
9. Eating a mustache pop while driving to the store. It was left over from the mustache party we had a couple months ago.
10. I found a picture of my old devil Furby. Did anyone else fear their evil Furby like i did?


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