DIY: Wall Art

This coming fall I am going to be rooming with an amazing girl and yesterday was her birthday! We have been talking a lot about all the amazing things we are going to do and getting very excited about decorating our apartment! A couple weeks ago she, and another friend, made me a yummy cake for my birthday and since I can't bake anything... I decided to make her some room decor! She is such a sweet girl and last month when I was feeling really unsure about my future she said something that really stuck with me (you can read about this HERE). She said "Carpe Diem. Seize the Day!" So I made her this:
You will need: Canvas board (I got a set of three at Walmart on sale!), pencil, scissors, a variety of paintbrushes (I used an angled brush for most of it, but used a really small brush for the tight corners), paint (black and any other colors you want), something to pour your paint on, cup of water, print out of lettering (you can freehand it, or use stencils), and some good jams. 

Lay your words on the board to see where you want them.

Circle the areas that your words will be in.

Pour your paint.

Go crazy with the paint! This was the funnest part.

Cut out the letters while you wait for the paint to dry. Lay them on the canvas.

Trace them with a pencil.

Paint everything but the inside of the letters black and you should get something like....

This! I also added a scalloped border to mine because I thought that the edges needed a little something. 
The entire project took me about 3-4 hours. Painting around the letters was a little difficult so using a stencil might be a million times easier, but I enjoyed the process. I am looking forward to making another one for myself with maybe a Beatles quote on it! 

Also this project was inspired by THIS from A Beautiful Mess. I have searched for a long time trying to find a painting that was not too pretty to paint over and just colorful enough to let show through the lettering and have failed so far... so I thought why not create my own! 

If you try this out I would love to know how it went and see some pictures too! Good luck!


  1. Look at you being creative! I'm sure your friend loved this.

  2. This is so neat! I would love to make one!