Collections: Vintage Brooches

I have always been a collector of things. In my childhood I had an extensive collection of rocks and stuffed animals. I literally had more stuffed animals then I had real life friends... I know. That may not be saying much, but in elementary school I was very popular. I don't know what happened after that. Anyways, since my childhood I have given up on my rock and stuffed animal collections and have turned to sweater vests (yes) and vintage brooches! A lot of my brooches came from my mother and grandmothers and a few from thrift stores. I have so many! I don't get to wear them as much as I'd like and I feel sad that they sit in jewelry boxes all the time (I have 3 jewelry boxes just for my brooches...) so I though it would be nice to take them out and share!

I did a little research just now and found out that this pin probably came from the 1940's! It's a little rusty but I think that gives it character and charm. I love to wear it on my favorite red sweater vest (see picture bellow). It's funny because when I wear it people will come up to me and say "Yeah, you are cute!" Except it's usually sweet old ladies and sometimes old men... 
Do you collect anything?


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