DIY: Stickers

Was anyone out there as obsessed with Lisa Frank stickers as I? I had books and books full of them! There was one period in my life when I would put Lisa Frank stickers in secret places around my house, the park, and even at school. So secret that I don't know where most of them are today. I seriously went on a search one time and found a couple. I wonder if my parents have ever noticed... sorry mom. The point is that stickers are the bomb! Unfortunately, these days I don't particularly gravitate towards psychedelic ponies and hearts. I have found that it can be really hard to find the "perfect" sticker. Am I right??! Well you don't have to search anymore... you can make one!!

 You will need: Scissors, clear transparent contact paper (I got mine at Walmart), sharpies, scotch tape (not pictured), and a printout of the picture you want to make into a sticker.

Step 1: Cut out your picture and a piece of contact paper. 

Step 2: Tape your picture to the back side of the contact paper.

Step 3: Trace the picture.

Step 4: Once you are done tracing, cut out the sticker and it should look something like...
Step 5: Your sticker is done! Now stick it somewhere wont ya?!

I made my sticker to be of a vintage microphone and some lyrics from one of my favorite Coconut Records songs (Microphone. (look it up!)) to put on my music journal. I have made stickers for several different things like my school binder, notepads, guitar case, drawing pad, and laptop (bellow)... I have been really wanting to try putting one on my car (the inside of the window), and on a mirror.

Also, have you ever been completely jealous of a person for having the absolute coolest laptop decal ever? I envy a girl that was in my English class a couple semesters ago because she had a decal of The Giving Tree. So much jealousy. I almost stole her laptop. Thats when I first made my own sticker. I made the phonograph, put it on my laptop, and made the whole world jealous. I have had it on my laptop for almost a year now and it hasn't even started to come off. The marker faded a little bit so I went over it again this morning and it's just like new! I have put stickers on several different surfaces and have never had a problem with them staying on, and they have always come off clean which I think is the most glorious thing about these stickers. 

I should point out that if you are more awesome then me, you could make your own drawing into a sticker! 

If you try this DIY out please send me a picture! I'd love to see what you create!



  1. Good post. I am going to try this tomorrow. Also, I like your site a lot. Very classy with a vintage flare.

  2. These DIY stickers are so charming and easy to do. This is also a clever medium for marketing a starting or small business. You can pick a design you like, and create your own stickers. Distribute them to friends and other people, and you can definitely get your business out there. Also, put the website on the stickers, so people will have an idea how to look at your products. :-)