I just had the fright of my life. No joke. My job has been compromised. I’m feeling like a secret agent who’s secret mission is no longer secret. My future is unforeseen.
Luckily everything will be ok and unchanged on my part for now. But a possible change is hanging heavy overhead. It scares me.
What am I going to do?
But I’m reading this book. Its a good book. And I started reading it at the right time. Don’t laugh. Or judge.
It is called “My Point… and I Do Have One” by Ellen Dengenres.
Her view points on life are quite hilarious… there is a section of the book about daily affirmations. Daily affirmations are thoughts or phrases that help you to pick your self up when you are down. You may not even realize that you already do daily affirmations.
Some common daily affirmations:
She’s fatter then me.
No one knows what I’m thinking.
I meant for my hair to look like this.
I don’t need to exercise. My jeans still fit.
I’m good at watching T.V.
I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.
Archie would rather date me then Betty or Veronica.
A daily affirmation will make me feel better.
Daily affirmations are an important part of your daily life… just like whole grain cereal and vitamin C. You can’t always depend on others to toss a nice comment at you that brightens your day. That only happens to pretty people (no offense. A daily affirmation will cure this). The rest of us got to do it ourselves.
My point of this is that today I came up with some daily affirmations to help me get through my uncertaint employment future and some other problems I deal with. Here they are.
I could have no job.
I look good in a head set.
My boss said I’m dependable.
No I don’t have a big head.
Solitare is ok to play anywhere.
It is also ok to sing anywhere.
Oops! I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were in here.
My hands are soft.
I drank tons of apple juice today. Its healthier then soda.
I went pee 5 times today because of drinking tons of apple juice. Therefore my metabolism is fast.
Its possible for pigs to fly. Just not by themselves.
That’s all for now… Carli

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