Wanted. Dead or Alive.

Tonight was an epic night for Courtney & I. What did we do you ask?! WE STOLE A CAR!!!!!! Who’s car?! Ben’s car. Why?! Because he gave Courtney a key as a symbol of trust. We have sense then broken that symbol of trust.
So tonight I had my first photography gig ever. My friend Justina asked me to photograph a local improve show. It was soooo fun. I am just worried that my pictures didn’t turn out so well. I haven’t looked at them yet, but I really had no idea what I was doing. I’ll let you know how it turns out. 
After the show I got home to find Courtney on the couch watching “Cry Baby” all alone. Maybe the risque Johnny Depp movie was a way of expressing her sorrow for being all alone on a Friday night while her roommate and fiance have great times. Me at my photography gig and Ben at his bachelor party. I thought to myself. We cannot not do something to Ben on his supposedly last night of freedom. Which is not at all true, because he is not getting married until the end of August. Also, Ben is hardly free. Courtney keeps a tight rope on that man. One other thing, Ben doesn’t do crazy stuff, he played video games for his bachelor party (woohoo). So I felt as if he needed something to spice it up a bit. So I express my concern with Courtney and she is down. We then brainstormed about what we should do. 
Write on his car? 
Tie cans to the back?
Ding dong ditch him? With a flaming bag of dung? (Courtney saved me from doing this to you Ben. I really wanted to.)
Then Courtney said the most devilishly exciting words that have ever rolled off her tongue. 
“We could steal his car.” 
I then proceeded to jump around the room and yell “THATS IT! WE MUST DO THAT!
And so we did. Courtney & I drove to Ben’s house. On the way we jammed to the Shania Twain hit “Man I feel Like A Woman”. There was no better song for that moment. We pull up to Ben’s house to find his garage open and car ready to steal. We park down the street and sneaked up to the car. Isn’t it annoying how when your trying to be quiet it is impossible?! Anyways I got in the drivers side, Courtney in the passenger, and we drove away. Where did we go you ask?
Walmart. We bought some balloons, window markers, and some candy. Then in the parking lot we wrote various funny phrases on Ben’s silvery car, such as…
On the back window: Hmmmm. Didn’t you park the other way?!?!
Front of car: Yeah. We stole your car and went joy riding. What now?!
Love Courtney & Carli.
Ben is fedorable.
The bacon-mobile.
0-60 in.. I lost count.
We love you.
And various other phrases. So we drive by our house to pick up Courtney’s cell phone so that we can hide out by his house. Text him. And see his reaction when he finds his car flipped around, filled with balloons, and covered with funny phrases. But to our dismay, he had already realized his car was missing. And… Get this… HE CALLED THE COPS!!!!! REALLY BEN?!!? It was obviously us. So that pretty much ruined it. I was all worried that I was going to be arrested. Courtney was pissed that he would do that. We were both baffled at his upsetness on the matter. But then we decided to have fun with it. We parked his car back in the drive way and booked it. We have yet to see him. I don’t think any of us are ready to face one another.  
Unfortunately I was not able to get any pictures. I brought my little video camera, but it was dead. 
Courtney & I then sat on our couch, ate our candy, and laughed about the night we had. What a thrill.

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