Free Crappy Portraits.

Do you see that flippin’ sweet picture right there!?! And in that picture do you see that woman with six arms that are holding various awesome things?!?! Such as a vintage “I love the King” Shirt, a ball of yarn, and her blog. And how she is wearing an amazingly awesome “I love Texas” Shirt? And has her fifth and sixth hands on her hips because she knows she is cool? And how she is eating avocados while on a picnic with her cat that she loves under the big bright sun in Utah where life is elevated. And you cannot forget the fact that she has a fantastic guitar. Well that girl is me. The six armed wonder. The artist of this very special portrait is unknown. I wish that I knew so that I could personally thank him or her for making my day.
You may be wondering where I got this supurb portrait from, and how much it costed me. Well I can tell you with 6 words.
Never before have we as the unskilled artists been able to benefit from more unskilled artists. This is such a GRAND idea!
I will personally say that you NEED to get one. It is a must. Please do so. For humanities sake. And for your sake.
All you have to do is pick out a picture of yourself and/or your friends, write a little baby paragraph about yourself, send it in, and wait to receive your self portrait.
 I didn’t expect to get mine so quickly.

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