100th Blog Post!

Since I have started my blog I have done a lot of blog reading. Blogs are so inspiring! I have come to notice the traditions of blogging, so I thought to myself….If I am going to be serious about blogging, I need to follow the rules. So here I am posting my 100th blog post with a 100 random facts about myself. Enjoy.
1. I am from Texas. 
2. I am full of Texas pride. I talk about it all the time and often put people down when they try and mess with my Texas.
3. I live in Utah and am attending BYU.
4. I am music lover! I love indie, alternative, folk, electronic, oldies, etc…
5. I am also very picky about the music I listen to. I grew up listening to mainstream and for some reason it never satisfied me. Then a friend of mine introduced me to the world of independent music and I fell in love. I am currently building my music collection.
6. I hate the radio. The CD player in my car is broken so most of my drives are in silence.
7. Sometimes I like driving in silence. It’s my time to think. 
8. Avocados are pretty much my favorite food. 
9. I learned to play the guitar at age 17 and have loved it ever since. My dad taught me a couple cords and then I pretty much taught myself.
10. I collect vintage brooches. My collection has exceeded 30 and since then I am too lazy to count.
11. I want a collection of sweater vests (I currently have two…). I always tell people I collect them, but I guess that’s an exaggeration. Once I hit five I can sincerely say that I have a collection of sweater vests.
12. I once ran a marathon with my friends. Our team was named “Running with Scissors.” We wore red white and blue sweat bands.
13. I am Mormon, and was not born that way. I converted.
14. I am not at all a good cook. Ask my roommates…
15. I recently took up the hobby of photography. Still learning to capture moments…
16. My dad is a hot air balloon pilot, which means I have been in one many times.
17. My dad’s hot air balloon is named Rodeo Joe. It’s black and has a yellow longhorn snorting out smoke. Cool right?!
18. I am an avid Elvis lover.
19. I once got my best buddy Courtney a Buddha bobble head as a car warming present.
20. I love to craft.
21. I am a co-founder of the Etsy shop Hello Wallflower.
22. When I was a kid I was in horse riding competitions.
23. They weren’t your typical horse riding competitions. They were reniasaunce reenactment competitions. I did safe equivalents to jousting, fighting, spear throwing, and chopping peoples heads off. I won all the time.
24. I don’t really like hot fruit. Warm pies gross me out. If the fruit was cooked and then cooled again I would like it. So I like cold pies.
25.When I was a kid we used to swim in big barrels. My dad got like 4 barrels (I don’t know why.) and we would fill them with water and sit in them for hours.
26. When I was a kid I was electrically shocked from a frayed wire under my house.
27. I hated High School.
28. I hated Middle school.
29. I liked elementary.
30. I wanted my profession to be a lumber jack. Because of the plaid shirts, cool hats, and the plethora of opportunities they have to say “TIMBER!”
31. I currently work as an administrative assistant at a family friendly movie company.
32. I have the most hilarious co-workers and bosses. They constantly make “your mom” jokes, and prank one another.
33. Dream car: Volkswagen Van with shag carpeting and a bean bag chair in the back.
34. Dream job: Owning a successful company of handmade products.
35. Dream Home: A baroque inspired home near some sort of water. Or a little cottage with with a 60’s inspired decor.
36. Root beer is the best soda around.
37. I worked in a movie theatre for 6 months. Pros: Free move tickets. Cons: It sucked.
38. I get a soar throat every 3 to 4 months.
39. Thinking of breakfast makes me sick. Eating does not. But sometimes I don’t eat it just because the thought of it grosses me out.
40. I don’t ever drink enough water.
41. My nickname as a child was Butch. Nice one dad.
42. As a child I often ran around the neighborhood without a shirt on. Apparently I thought I was one of the boys.
43. I had a purple Mongoose bike with pegs on the front and the back. I was way cool.
44. I chipped most of my teeth on the trampoline. I hit my chin on my brothers shoulder has he went up and I went down. Scariest thing that has ever happened to me. I thought I lost all my teeth, but thankfully I did not. 
45. I always cry in movies.
46. I once cried when I saw a family of dolphins swimming around in the bay.
47. One time Courtney and I fed pizza to a raccoon. We named him Little Cesar. 
48. I dislike PDA.
49. I currently have an obsession with stripes. The pattern.
50. I love old movies. I love Doris Day.
51. I dislike the use of LOL. I prefer Hahaha.
52. I am horrible at spelling. If you read my blog you know this.
53. Also bad a grammar and punctuation.
54. I think that the only time I have left the country was when I was a baby. I went to Mexico. Actually my parents are unsure if I even went with them.
55. I have only been to 9/50 states.
56. My art history class inspired me to want to travel the world and see all the art we learned about. Someday…
57. I have aspirations to be a musician. I have a hard time with making that happen.
58. I love picnics.
59. When I was a wee little girl I would wake up every morning,  stand before my parents on my tipie toes, and ask them if I was taller. Now I sometimes wish I was slightly shorter.
60. I never thought I would be where I am today.
61. I remember the first day that I could remember anything. (that may not make sense) I woke up one morning in my crib and I could not remember for the life of me what I had done the day before. I was upset that I couldn’t remember. I don’t remember much between that day and several years later.
62. I like cats. & dogs. Courtney calls me a cat lady. I don’t understandnd why people judge those with cats. People never judge those with dogs by calling them a dog lady. I am aware there are some crazy people with too many cats and treat them as children because they are alone, but that’snot me. Plus, there are people that do the same with dogs! They dress them up and stuff. Can I say WORSE?
63. I am the person on the roller coaster that screams the whole time. I don’t yell obscenities, but I do yell curse word alternatives. I also freak out.
64. I love thrifting.
65. I love Mexican food. I have yet to find anything legit here in Utah.
66. I absolutely hate celery.
67. I don’t really enjoy texting. I mostly just do it because it is popular and no one talks on the phone these days.
68. I have a reoccurring dream that I am falling.
69. Sometimes when I am trying to fall asleep my brain does weird stuff. I cannot explain it. Every time I try, people think I am insane. All I can say is that everything I think about is larger then normal. I call it swell vision. Also these bubbles float through my mind and I am calm, then they start popping and I get freaked out. When I was a child I would cry because the bubbles were popping.  (If you identify with this please let me know so that I know I am not alone.)
70. I don’t really like to wear sandals. At one point in my life, that was all I wore. Now I feel like my feet are dirty and naked. I prefer closed toed.
71. I am a daddy’s girl.
72. I love shooting model rockets, playing with model train sets, photography, hot air ballooning, astronomy… all with my dad. He’s awesome.
73. I have a dream to go into outer space.
74. I love looking at the stars.
75. I once entered a hula hoop competition and got 2nd place.
76. As a kid, my friend hardly ever spent the night at my house. I always went to theirs.
77. I had a habit of climbing on to the roof of establishments that did not want me to be on their roof.
78. I have run from the cops before.
79. In elementary school I was the monkey bar champ.
80. I have the most awesome friends.
81. I am a huge procrastinator.
82. I lived in the same house for my whole life until I moved to Utah for college.
83. I broke my foot playing soccer at church.
84. One time in high school Courtney and I were playing soccer in the mud and I attempted kicking my mud filled sock off and fell flat on my back instead. So funny.
85. I am finding it hard to think of 100 things about me. I asked my friends.
86. I can’t dance. At all. But I enjoy attempting.
87. I have been chased by a flesh eating dog several times. Every time I walked away unscathed. As for my friends. Not so much.
88. I am deathly afraid of sharks. I am always freaked out in the ocean.
89. Someone told me that every person eats an amount of spiders or bugs each year. Ever sense then I have been freaked out about it.
90. I absolutely love camping.
92. I am very picky about sleeping arrangements.
93. I always calculate the exact number of minutes I have to sleep. I get mad if I have less then 8 hours.
94. I like to feel stuff. I am a texture person.
95. I always wear sunglasses. My eyes are very sensitive.
96. I am running out of things to say. 
97. I love bow ties. I think that regular ties are not that cool. Every man should wear a bow tie. I am currently wearing one of my dads old bowties in my hair.
98. I dislike fedoras.
99. I am secretly a big fan of cheesy Disney movies and Disney stars.
100. I was named after my grampa Carl. Get it Carl-i.
Phew. That was hard. Here’s to my 100th blog post. I cannot believe it. Here’s to a 100 more. And no I will not be doing a 200th blog post with 200 things about myself. That would be way to difficult.

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