Via My Phone.

Dream Catcher.

New Watch.

Easter Package From Dad.

Shirley Temple.

Zig-zag socks.

Study Guide.


Jelly Shoes.


So happy that it is sunny out!

I basically live in my car...

Car Friends.

Cold Remedies.

Today the parking attendant (who was a girl) said "Thank you sir." very flirtatiously I might add. This made me very insecure. Maybe it was my short hair that confused her... But I will add that I was wearing my very feminine sunglasses...

I had a dream the other night that I ate 6 different swirl ice cream cones at the same time and held each one in one of my six arms. It was great.

Today I wore my most favorite shoes. Jelly shoes!!! I don't care what anyone says... they are amazing. I got them about 5 years ago at the dollar store for, well, A DOLLAR! and I wore them constantly. Then after a long time they started breaking and I stopped wearing them. I could never bring myself to throw them out, because I always hoped for a day when I would wear them again. Today was that day, and it was marvelous. 

Today was my last day of classes. The next week and half are finals! I am so stressed. Also I got sick. It never fails... I get sick just about every four months and it always happens around important events in my life. So I went to the store and bought tons of medication & cool touch klenex. They are very cool.


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