I’ve been extremely busy lately. Always out doing something. Enjoying the social life that I now have. Trying new things. Here are some things I’ve discovered about myself in the last week and two days that I’ve been here. 1. I can handle cold weather. I actually like the snow when its not on the roads and falling out of the sky. 2. I hate air matresses. Especially those that deflate in the night. This has been my problem since I’ve been here. I havnt slept on a real bed for a long time. 3. Mountains. I love them. No matter where you are you can see them. There is no place that has a bad view. Unlike corpus where you only have a view when by the water. 4. I like it here.
I like the change. I like meeting new people. I’ve never been the new person before. It is interesting.
I would like to recap an experience I had last night… So Courtney and I went to a Rooney concert last night and it was amazing. But at the end the guitarist Taylor and the drummer Ned crowd surfed. And it has been one of my dreams to participate in a crowd surf. My dream came true. :-) Taylor went right over Courtney and she freaked out and huddled down because she was afraid. I participated in holding the guy up. Great moment. One of the many great concert experiences I’ve had… Cons to concerts: They contribute to my hearing loss that I believe to be occuring in my ears. I still have a ringing in my ears. But I am sure it was worth it. Another con is the fact that your in extremely close proximity to smelly people. And to generally annoying girls with weird Curela Devil hair. I believe I mispelt that name. Today was a great day. Jamming with friends, watching movies, having interesting conversations, and laughing hysterically at things that really shouldn’t be funny. Hands down I have the best friends in the world.
So far my Utah experience has been amazing. This is something that I really needed. Its not easy and I don’t expect it to get easier. If anything more difficult. but isn’t that what lifes about? Carli

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