Right now I am sitting in my almost empty room. It brings me back to the day when my Dad remodeled this room from his office into my room, and how I spent most my time decorating it to my liking. 
My room has been like a chameleon. I have moved around my furniture in every way possible and then some. I have brought things in and thrown things out. I remember back when I was 10 or so I had collected the pictures from animal calendars and taped them up all over my walls. I loved animals. I have gone through so many phases. Isn’t it funny how our room changes with us? But then we have these few select things that stay the same? Like a small box filled with special rocks that seem insignificant to others but significant to you. Or that picture of two random people you don’t know, but somehow you feel like you do know them just because you have looked at them all your life, and can’t seem to give that imaginary relationship up. 
The things I have are a reflection of who I am. A girl with a passion for vintage, and age. Scatterbrained, orderly, colorful, crafty, random, and so much more. Keep those things that remind you of memories. 
I often find myself looking around my room and reminiscing.
Don’t ever feel embarrassed about your space. Don’t feel like you need to change it to please others. Surround yourself with the things that make you happy and nothing more. You are you. Your space is you. Love it.

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