Two Years.

This morning I woke up and remembered what today is. August 9th. This date has always been in my mind. Pretty much since the summer before high school. Eight years ago today my best friend Kristy got her braces off. I don’t know why I remember this. I just remember that I couldn’t seem to forget that date. Six years later I realized why I never forgot August 9th.
Two years ago today I was baptized. After my long haul as a non member who practically was a member, I made the decision to make things official. I was in the church for almost Seven years before I was dunked. I came to church just about every Sunday, I went to every activity, and followed most of the commandments. I think that the reason it took me seven years to make a commitment was because I was afraid to hurt my family.
Now I look back on it all and think… What took me so long! Two years ago I would have never thought that I’d be in Utah, attending BYU, and experiencing all the things that I am. I don’t think I would have ever left Texas. As much as I love Texas, I really just think that it’s not the place that I need to be right now. Someday I will go back.
I just feel extremely blessed to be where I am, with the friends that I have, and with a family that supports my decisions. I love the LDS church and all the amazing things that it has done for me.
Also, today as I was about to get into my car to head to work, this huge (and when I say huge it was huge) fly on the drivers side door. I moved to the door and he flew at me and then landed back on the door. I was sooo pissed. and afraid. This massive fly looked as if he was wearing a tuxedo. Maybe he was a James Bond Fly who was fully loaded with venomous fluids in his little mouth or whatever. So I go to the other side of the car and climb across to my seat. Ridiculous right?! I then think that the fly will fly away once I start the car. Nope. He stayed. I tried many different things to get him off. Accelerated fast, braked fast, swerved around… all did not work. Even on the highway he stayed put. He even turned his little deadly body to be aerodynamic. Seriously!? Finally he flew away as I pulled into the parking lot at work. I was relieved. Until, he flew at me from the opposite direction of the truck! He flew off the truck and then followed it to my parking space and attacked me! I know it was him and not an other little James Bond fly because he had those creepy little legs. There is no way that all of those bugs could have those legs. Luckily I survived. I am just worried that he will be waiting on my truck all day until I leave the office. Then come at me with all his creepy friends.
I don’t understnad wy he hated me so. But he sure is one dedicated little bug.

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