I discovered today that I dislike changes. OK, sometimes I love changes. Other times I don’t. It is hard to like changes when you aren’t sure what all they entail… and when you are perfectly happy where you are.
Every day I come into work and sit down at my nice big secluded cubicle. A while later my two very funny co workers come and we playfully banter throughout the day. Then my boss will walk in with tape on his face or wearing a rent a cop uniform for fun. How is that not a great way to spend the day?
Well, last week they decided to close down my department. Everyone is being moved around within the company. In a couple weeks I will be taking over the front desk after the receptionist moves away. I am also taking on many admin duties. Stressful! Yesterday my boss took my co workers and I to lunch (sooo good). Then we cleaned out the office. I’ll be in here for a couple more weeks. When I walked in this morning it was empty except for my cubicle. Sad.
Another sad thing. Apparently someone accidentally un plugged the mini fridge last night and my chicken penne pasta left overs from yesterdays lunch were spoiled along with my hot pocket that I was going to eat for breakfast today. Life sucks sometimes.
A little bit of reminiscing. Velveteen Rabbit doing my job for me.

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