The Threat Of Lions.

I think that I have gotten to a really weird point in my life. What have I done? What am I doing? Where am I going? As the school semester nears it’s end, I am making more and more plans for the future. Not that I haven’t loved being where I am now… I know that this is where I am supposed to be… but I have kind of felt stuck. Like I am running on a treadmill. I am working so hard but not getting anywhere. The only time I would ever be satisfied with running on a treadmill if I were doing OK GO’s treadmill dance music video. I mean come on…. No body in their right mind would not want to learn that.
The point I am trying to make is that I am really excited about whats ahead! I am heading back to Texas for the summer to bask in the sunshine, play in the scorching hot sand, and to send some much needed time with my family. I can’t even believe that I have only spent two weeks at home in the past year. Once the summer has ended I will be moving down to Provo and hopefully be living the college life for once. I feel like a grandma. Which is not a good thing.
On another note.
Today I saw a VW bug that had exploded on the highway. It was tragic. It made me think a lot about how quickly your life could change. Or end… Woah. that was a bit deep. But really. Life is so fragile.
I asked my mom if she would be ok with me going to Korea for a year to teach English and to make a ton of money. I love my mom. She is so supportive. As much as she would dislike me being a world apart, she wants me to take every opportunity that I can get to explore, learn, and grow.
I then asked her if she would be ok with me studying abroad in Africa and living with aborigines. She wasn’t thrilled with that proposal at all. Apparently lions aren’t the only threat. I kind of sort of want to be chased by a lion… Imagine looking behind you and seeing this fiercely aggressive male lion’s sharp teeth lusting after your flesh. In a safe way of course…. Like if I were in a very tall very fast car. Or on the back of a very aggressive elephant (ok maybe that wouldn’t be the best place to be…) Or like that youtube video where the cheetah is chasing a antelope and that man runs up and grabs the antelope and runs off and the Cheetah is like “What the…”. Well the Cheetah doesn’t actually say that, but you know thats what he is thinking. It would just be a really awesome story to tell to my grandchildren. “Hey Bobbie. Did you know that your grandma saved an antelope from a lion?” Imagine leaving everything that you know, all the technology, the constant intake of information, simplicity, leisure, and air conditioning behind and serving others. It would be such a thrilling yet humbling experience. Maybe I am crazy.
My mom asked me where I got all these crazy ideas… I honestly don’t know. From everywhere I guess. They just come to me. I am sort of like a crazy idea magnet.
Mom. I am sorry that I frighten you with my desires of living with aborigines and stuff.
A lion actually tried to kill me one time. I am not lying. I was at the zoo. He lunged at me. Thankfully there was a very thick piece of glass between us.. or I’d be dead. It was such a terrifying yet thrilling experience. Why do I still want to be chased by a lion? because I am a daredevil… I want more.

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