Let's Talk About Cookies.

Do you remember last February when you saw that cute little girl in a little green vest covered with the cutest little badges? Your heart leaped for joy when she sweetly asked “Would you like to buy a box of Girl Scout cookies?” You then nodded because you didn’t dare speak for you might be a little too enthusiastic and scare that little freckle faced Girl Scout away. She hands you the order form and you excitedly look down the list of cookies until you see your favorite. 
If you are anything like me… your eyes finally landed on… Wait. Caramel Delights!?!?!?
Where the heck are the Samoas?! They look the same… but the name has been changed to Caramel Delights?! 
Suffice to say that I was furious. Why you ask? 
First of all, Caramel Delights is probably the most unoriginal name. There are probably a billion and one different types of candy/cookies that bear the same name. 
Second, the best part about that cookie is not the caramel. It’s the coconut!
Third, Samoas are my childhood. I was once a Girl Scout myself. I spent many long hours standing in front of grocery stores begging people to buy cookies from me so that I could get that beach towel with a pony on it. 
Fourth, when someone says “Do you want a Samoa?” the first thing that comes to mind is a doughnut shaped coconut cookie with chocolate drizzled on top. You then think of a freckle faced little girl in a green vest with the absolute cutest smile who just wants a beach towel with a pony on it. When someone says “Do you want some caramel delights?” You think of caramel squares, chocolate covered caramel…. I could go on. 
So last year when I saw that Samoas were no longer Samoas I contemplated not buying them as sort of a boycott. I bought them anyways because I have absolutely no self control when it comes to Girl Scout cookies. 
This year when a lady at my work was selling them I jumped at the chance to buy way more cookies then I’ll ever need. As my eyes scanned the list of cookies I noticed something magnificent…. Samoas are Samoas again!!!! I was overjoyed. I then bought way more boxes then I’d like to admit. I need to thank whoever boycotted Carmel Delights and made the Girl Scouts change back the name because I wasn’t strong enough to. Thank you!
Also, why is it that the best cookie on the face of the earth can only be purchased only for a short period of time each year? It’s so sad. But maybe thats why I appreciate them so much.

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