Test This.

This is another one of those time where I wish that I could control time with the clench of my fist. As much as I am begging for this week to end, I am also kinda freaking out about the lack of time I have to get stuff done. Completely my fault though. I procrastinated…
Oh and by the way… WHAT AM I DOING RIGHT NOW?! I should be writing my essay, but instead I am procrastinating and writing a blog post…. I am an idiot. My reasoning is that I need a break, but I have only written a page of my 6 page essay…. 
Today after I studied my butt off for my D&C test I discover that I did not get the grade I was hoping for. I was pretty depressed. I could go on all night about how much I knew all the information that was on the study guide but wasn’t actually relevant to the test, but I won’t because I do not want to dwell on my failure ( I didn’t fail… I got an ok grade… but I feel like a failure.) So I finally get home from school and I am standing in front of my microwave waiting for my soup to be done and thinking (more like worrying) about my essay and my World Civ. test, and I literally pouted and said out loud “I quit. I am dropping out.” Man I am such a baby! Then I got my soup out and walked upstairs (because the cable in my basement doesn’t work and that frustrates me) and I then say ” Carli you are ridiculous! stop being a baby! You can do it!” Thats my attempt at self motivation… I then end up watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 and cry when they loose the pants. I am lame. 
I’ve decided that school is not good for me. It turns me into this crazy depressed baby that complains about everything. 
I can not wait until I graduate. Only if I could control time…
Wishing I was a super genius and could ace tests without studying…

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