The End.

I cannot express the joy that I am feeling at this moment. The semester is over. I have 2 months of no 8 page essays, tests, or biology homework! YESSS! I have been sooo stressed out for the past week. It feels like a hippo was chilling on my shoulders and now he finally found something better to do and stepped down. 
In exactly a week I will be leaving to Texas in a car with my bestie Kaitlyn! I am more then excited. I am ecstatic! 
It will be nice to feel the sand between my toes and the salty breeze run through my hair (which by the way is much longer then when I left. I have done a good job of growing it out!) Don’t judge me, but I cannot wait to see my kitty Izzy. It has been way too long since he has dug his claws into my skin…. Yeah so I am not looking forward to that… but hey, it comes with the territory….
Counting down the seconds…

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