Tea Parties, Dresses, & Craft Weekend.

Yes, this is a very very late post. We didn’t have internet for the week….  Last weekend was so busy. I felt as if I had no time to lay around and do nothing. Friday I helped Ben move into Courtney and Ben’s new apartment. I may or may not have backed into his roomates car. If I had actually done that I would have to explain that I did not see it. Also, I looked to see if it was there. Also, there was a dent. Then the dent popped out. There was not really any damage. So if that had really happened… Everything would have been ok because Ben’s roomate would not have been mad. Phew… Friday was a bad day for me… Was Friday the 13th? Because it totaly could have been, because just about everything that could have gone wrong did. Even my little keychain that Ashley got me from Barbados broke. His little body fell off his head. I seriously cried. It wasn’t really that my key chain broke, eventhough I love it, it was more the fact that my day continually got worse, and that little key chain was the breaking point. Now I have a decapatedted key chain. It kindof resembles those little shruken heads in that bus in Harry Potter. I think Ashley might like that refference.
Saturday I was awaken by a more then bubbly roomate. She jumped on top of me as I sleeped. Not cool man, not cool. She awoke me at 9:02!!!! Really? I needed to wake up though. I had a lot to do. I got ready and then Courtney and I went to run some earrands. We did some thrift shopping for a hutch for her new apartment bathroom. Not sucessful. Then went to Urban Outfitters to exchange some shoes.(about that. So a few weeks ago I decided to purchase these sneakers because I need some cute sneakers. I bought two pairs because they were two for $30. Good deal. I tried on a size nine in these awesome navajo triangle ones and loved them. Then I decided to go with the red ones too. I just grabbed a size nine and left. Later when I got home I put them on and they were way to small, so I thought I accidentaly got a size 6 and just misread the tag. So Saturday I take them back and get a size 9. Then I take them home and they were too small again. I was so confused. Apparently the patterened shoes are different then the solid ones. So I will be taking these back and actually taking time in finding the right size…. I am an idiot.) After Urban Outfitters we got a gourmet cookie at the local shop Ruby Snap. I think I will dedicate a later post to Ruby Snap. It is not only amazingly tasty, but so cute! After eating some grub cookies we picked up Courtney’s wedding dress. It’s gorgeous.
Then we went straight home to cook and clean. We didn’t have much time to make our home presentable before people began arriving for the Bridal Tea Party that I was hosting. This party was a success. I had a grand time setting up the display of food and beverages. The guests enjoyed the chicken pockets that Courtney made, and I think that everyone enjoyed the games. Courtney got some very nice gifts. I was jealous of some particular items.
(Aren’t these things amazing! Made by Courtney and Carli)
Sunday evening wwas dedicated to crafting. We assigned ourselves the heious task of making a bouquet, mini bouquets, center pieces, and bouteneers out of handmade felt flowers. My hands were in pain after constructing so many flowers, and we aren’t even close to being done… Pictures are to come. They are very cute.
By the way… Our latest obsession which is the Glee Project was really good last night. We are looking forward to the finale next Sunday!

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