Some boys have longer hair then I.

I made the decision to cut my hair really short. The only time my hair has ever been shorter than this was when I was a wee little baby. I have been wanting to do a pixie cut for like… forever, but was always way too chicken. I always contemplated getting one and wondered what it would be like. It’s good to finally know.
Yesterday the lovely lady that does my hair came over with her bag of scissors. I have never been one to freak out about a hair cut. My motto has always been “It’s just hair… it will always grow back. Or if it’s really bad… you can find someone to at least fix it by cutting it a little shorter.” Somehow I convinced myself to follow through with a pixie cut. There wasn’t really any room for mistakes and/or a disliking. If I didn’t like it my only option would have been to shave my head… and I am sorry but that WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Especially after the whole Brittany Spears incidence. I can’t even… I would probably wear a bag on my head for a very long time. Maybe even get to the point where I am more comfortable that way… 
So once I nervously showed my hair lady what I wanted and shakily ran my fingers through my hair one last time, to my sudden horror, hair began to hit the floor. I tried to keep up with the conversation, but all I could hear was snip snip snip… I thought to myself. “Now you’ve done it. Your going to hate yourself. Theres no going back!” 
After she finished, I looked in the mirror and just stared. I was basically shocked. She kept asking me if I liked it, but at that point I wasn’t really sure. I tried to sound enthusiastic about it as to not hurt her feelings, but I am not a good actress. Then all of a sudden the enthusiasm hit me… I loved it! and by the amount of compliments I have received from friends and strangers alike, I know that it looks good on me. What a comfort…


The earrings can be found here.
It is just so weird to reach up to touch my hair and there be hardly anything there. This morning I literally freaked out for a split second because I had forgotten about cutting it. The best part about it is that I feel so free! When the wind blows I don’t have to worry, when the humidity hits I won’t have a care, and when the heat comes my neck will be chill. I am looking forward to a summer without a rats nest head of hair. Yipee!
If your thinking about a pixie cut… I say do it!

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