The past two nights have been sort of ridiculous. I go to bed very tired… and then the second I pull my nice soft blankets up to my chin my eye lids loose their weight and I am full of energy… except I am not full of energy. I am tired. I spend the next couple of hours wrestling with my blankets hoping to win the never ending fight of “hot” and “cold”. I am sure that everyone knows the battle that I am describing. 
I know that it has only been two nights… but I seriously have not had this problem for a very long time. At a young age I discovered a solution to any and every sleeping problem. The moment I laid my head on my pillow I would start to think about things. I would relive events, think about my future and what I wanted to do with it, and most of all tell myself little stories. Stories that involved me going on adventures, falling into pits of radioactive liquid and gaining super powers, traveling the world… Until I fell asleep. It was as if I was reading a book, but I was the main character. I would never even notice if I was still awake or not because I would be so caught up in the story. These stories would sometimes last weeks. Each night I would jump into bed and start right where I left off. When the story finally came to an end, I would move on and create a new story. Maybe this is the reason why I never really got into reading books all the time, because the stories I created were much more personal. This is still my nightly routine.
The past two nights I have had a hard time letting my mind go. It has been so weird. I lay there tossing and turning. I stare into the darkness. It is so dark that I am not even sure if my eyes are open or shut until I reach up and touch them. Last night I got out of bed and read the Hunger Games for several hours. When I finally looked at my watch it was 3:30. I was still wide awake. I forced my self to go to bed, but didn’t fall asleep for another hour. 
I just hope that I am not growing out of “bedtime stories”. I know it sounds terribly childish for a 21 year old to rely on a good story before bed. I didn’t realize until now that I cherish them.

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