Sadly I'm a Night Owl

I have no sense of time. No strict reason to awake at a decent hour, and no thought in the back of my mind of awakening early that forces me to shut off the lights and fall asleep. I am quite saddened by this. I have every intention of going to bed at a good hour, but this never happens. I would like to blame my job with it gruesome late shifts. But… there is no one to blame but I. 
I have no motivation to do anything worth while. Absolutely none.This is what happens when you aren’t in school and have tons of free time. I feel like I need to cure this. But how? How do I find motivation? Could I possibly be motivated to find motivation? Does that make sense? I think I may have just found my motivation… And what does that word even mean? I just looked it up on Most of the definitions had the word motivate in them!
Motivation: the state or condition of being motivated.
I don't get what i am looking for… Now I am no longer motivated. Thanks… 
Life lesson number 1: Never trust an online dictionary.

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