The Beginning.

Opening a new chapter, taking a step forward, diving in head first….
Is that what I am about to do?! Pioneering into a new situation? As heart wrenching as it may seem. Am I excited? Partly. Am I sad? Partly. Am I afraid? Yes. Am I ready? More then ever. 
I am moving in 16 days to a far off land called Utah. Why Utah I have been asked many times… I say why not? It is something I must do. So this is the beginning. The beginning of my adulthood. And with this blog I hope to record the life lessons I learn, the adventures I have, the wisdom I gain, and the time it takes me to realize that I have exceeded the expectations that others have set for me, but most importantly the expectations I have set for myself. Simple yet so complicated life is… Maybe I’ll figure it out, maybe I won’t. 

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