The Ranch

These are some of my favorite words. Why you ask? I don’t know. For some reason I am drawn to things that carry these adjectives. I love the history behind things, and I love to imagine who had them before me, and how they cared for them. Take this old truck for example. This truck has been sitting on the land we own for maybe the past 20 years or so and has been taken over by nature. The paint is chipped, it has rusted, the floor board has fallen out and grass grown through, the seats have completely fallen apart, and I can only imagine how many animals have taken refuge in the back seat on a cold rainy night. But it is still beautiful. This old truck is the reason I have taken up the hobby of photography. I wanted to capture the raw beauty it beholds. I like to think about the days before that truck became a permanent fixation in the ground. Back when it thundered down the streets and caught the eyes of many passerby’s. Was this gas guzzler the king of the road? Or was he just another truck on the streets in a small country town. But more importantly who drove that truck? Where were they going? Who sat in the passenger side? What music rang from the speakers? It’s fascinating to me. There are so many possibilities. This is the same with home decor, clothing, and so many other things. My feeling is that they don’t make things like they used to. Things are made cheap to sell with a large profit. Maybe this is our downfall? I don’t know. All it takes is a little imagination, and an eye that sees the beauty in what are thought to be unbeautiful things. Try and see what you can find lying around somewhere that isn’t being appreciated, and appreciate it. Simple pleasures. Trash to treasure.

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