Road Trip Snap Shots

Amidst the craziness of moving. I completely forgot about Record Tuesday. I suppose I will post some music later today and call it Record Thursday for just this once... sorry.

Today was our third day on the road. I am so tired of being in the car right now. We are currently in the middle of nowhere Texas and I surprisingly have phone service. Basically I am trying to find something to occupy my endless amounts of road time... Why is Texas so big?! I mean really... Ok that was out of line... In all honesty, Texas should be bigger, and only a native born Texan would say that. All I am saying is that after a day and a half of driving we finally reach the Texas border and still have 10 hours to drive.

The following are some snapshots I took on my phone of our trip. I've been taking lots of pictures with my digital camera (and film camera). The plan is to post all of those pictures and adventure stories throughout the next week. I will also be introducing a new blog series!
Empty... Except for winter clothes.

Emigration Canyon, UT

Driving through Arches National Park, UT

Best lemonade. Seriously.

Route 66 Diner Albuquerque, NM 
(sorry it's a little washed out.)

Valley of Fire, NM

Best. Place. Ever.

A road trip is not a road trip without an ice cream cone from Dairy Queen.

You can check out some other stops from my Road Trip too!


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