Last Sunday in Utah.

I cannot believe that I am moving back to Texas tomorrow. My dad is currently on a flight into Salt Lake and we are going to embark on an adventure into the mountains soon after he lands. The past couple of days have been busy busy. I have been trying to spend time with all of my friends and pack my billion pounds of stuff that I have accumulated over the past year. Seriously. I had no idea how much stuff I really had until I pulled it all out and put it into the middle of the floor. The following picture illustrates not even all of my craft stuff. Good news is that I only have a tiny bit more packing to do later tonight.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. Courtney, Ben, Kaitlyn, and I went to the park to enjoy the weather even though I still had a ton of packing to do. Since it was Earth Day we thought it would be nice to spend at least a little bit of time outside.

If you don't really hear from me in the next couple days, it is because I am driving a 24 hour drive back to Texas. Don't worry! I haven't forgotten about you! My dad and I will be making some stops along the way to explore the "in between". So expect some pictures soon! The "in between" is a term that I coined for meaning all the little places that you wouldn't ordinarily travel to, but are significant enough to stop at them on the way to your destination. Traveling is so much more fun when you stop and discover.


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