Road Trip: Before the road trip.

So, I am a big fan of road trips. I love being out on the road and experiencing places that I normally wouldn't. Road trips are a great time to think, talk, jam (my fave), catch up with friends, or get to know new ones. 
Here are a few suggestions to keeping your car ride interesting.
1. Listen to your favorite jams. 
2. Playing car games such as the license plate game, or Would You Rather.
3. Stopping often. If you see a place that catches your eye, don’t just drive on by it. Stop and see what it is. If it is not that cool then just get back in the car and keep going, but if it is cool stay a while and explore. Some of the most amazing things are in between you and your destination.
4. My personal favorite (don’t judge). I like to look out the window at the scenery passing by and imagine myself out there doing extraordinary things. While driving through these wide valleys I imagined myself as a cowgirl being chased by bandits. I sat backwards on my horse, dogged bullets, and sent some flying. Once the gun smoke cleared I discovered that I had came out victorious over all 88 of them bandits. I then stopped at the nearest saloon, walked in through the swinging doors, and ordered me a Sasperilla. Calamity Carli was my name. 
If that is too extreme as a pass time for you then you might as well be bored. 
Don’t get so caught up in moving from point A to point B that you don’t see what your passing by. Sometimes what you overlook could be much better then you destination.

The title of this post and preliminary comments may be a bit deceiving because I wasn't actually road tripping when I took these pictures... I took them the day before my dad and I left for Texas. He had just flown in so I decided to take him into a canyon and then show him around Salt Lake. I just wanted to preface what is to come in the next week. I will be sharing some of my adventures and photographs from my drive!

First we went...
  to Emigration Canyon

Time flies when your having fun.

It is completely impossible for me to wear matching socks.

Then we went...
 to Temple Square and saw the...

enormous amounts of flowers.

I am not kidding. I have never seen so many flowers in one place in my entire life. We could smell the flowers by just walking by them. It was magical.


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