Vintage Finds: Beatles Book

My grandma passed away several years ago and we have slowly been going through her things in her old house. There is so much stuff! It has been a difficult process for my family to sort through everything and decide what to sell, what to keep, what to throw away, and what to pass on to the grandkids. Since I have been away and haven't been able to pick out the things I want, my dad collected a bunch of stuff that he thought I might like for me to go through. Since I have been home I am starting to go through it and I am loving what I am finding. So I decided to create a blog series called "Vintage Finds" to share with you lovely people some of the amazing things that I am finding. I miss my grandma a lot. I feel so grateful to be able to at least have little pieces of her life and her children's lives. I hope to someday be as amazing of a mother and grandma as she was and leave little pieces of my life with my children and grandkids.

With that being said... Here's a little story.

So my dad has always told me about the time he went and saw the Beatles in concert in 1965 in Houston Texas. I am incredibly jealous. He paid under twenty dollars for his ticket! His seat was way in the back of the colosseum and the Beatles looked like tiny little ants, but he was there! He said that an announcer came out and said "Here are the Beatles!" and from then on my dad could not hear a thing. People were screaming the entire time and he could hardly even hear the music. What a bummer right? I think i'd pay a hundred dollars for the same experience though. To just be in the same room as the Beatles in 1965!

My dad found the tour book he got from that concert and left it in my room and I just about busted a gut when I saw it on my bookshelf the other day. So I thought i'd start off my new blog series by sharing the first part of the book (don't worry! I'll share the rest later.)

 My dad even wrote the date, place, and songs in the book.

 Pages of Lennon

My dad still has his ticket stub. He promised that he would show them to me and when he does I will definitely show them to you! I just need to keep bugging him about it... 


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  1. Loving your finds!! I hope I can find a vintage beatles record!