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“Spent [five hours] in a dusty library. Waiting for some words to jump at me.” Camera Obscura.
I obviously haven’t spent a week here in the SLC BYU Library. So I inserted five hours. That is mostly true. The lyrics from the song French Navy by the scottish indie pop group Camera Obscura narrate my life at the moment. Ok just the first phrase… And the library is not dusty. They keep it very clean. There is a janitor vacuuming the floor with one of those silent vacuum’s. I wish I knew how those worked…. Silent vacuums are the 2nd wonder to the cleaning world. They come after that Oxyclean stuff. I’ve never used it but the commercials make it seem like it’s divine.
So I am taking a short break from my research. I’ve been scouring the small library for books on Art History and not really finding anything but books on religion… I guess thats what I get for going to a religious school. But I did find this massive book (when I say massive I mean that it was twice the size of my massive World Civ book, weighs 20 pounds, and consumes most of the space on my good sized study cubicle… It’s big) on Art History that gave me some very nice insights on my topic. I even pulled a few quotes. Nice…
I cannot believe that this is my last week of my first semester as a transfer student at BYU! It went by so fast! The library is packed with people trying to get there last minute work finished. I am currently sitting behind a girl in a florescent pink shirt checking her Facebook. Yeah so I guess not everyone is getting stuff done. But then again she could have been taking a 2 hour Facebook break. There is a guy across the room that has a book that I very much want to look at because I feel it pertains to my topic. He just won’t leave! So I will wait. 
So my little study corral is next to a nice big window that over looks SLC. A nice little park bellow and then the Gateway across the street. I can’t help but steal glances out the window at the wonderful weather that awaits outside. The mountains tower behind the buildings reminding us that no man made creation can out do divine creations. Have I ever mentioned I am in love with the mountains? 
Anyways… I really need to get back to work.
I am only hoping that I will be able to focus now that there is a guy with a red and white stripped shirt sitting across the room. He totally looks like Where’s Waldo. Oh Waldo, now that i’ve found you I can not take my eyes off of you. You know I was Wheres Waldo or I guess I should say Wheres Wendy (because I am female) for Halloween. Hey Waldo! We are a perfect match. 
Wait. Is Where’s Wendy the sister of Where’s Waldo? Dang.

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