I'm Electrifying!

Ok so I am slightly freaking out. Just slightly. And when I say this I am holing up my hand and have a space the size of a penny between my thumb and pointer finger.
You know how after sliding down a slide at the play ground you can touch your best friend and shock them? You find it hilarious and your friend hates it and freaks out? Well I am the one that freaks out. Not that it hurts or anything… It is kinda like nails on a chalk board for me. I don’t know why it affects me so.
Ok so maybe I do know why it affects me so. (by the way… am I using the correct affect? or is it effect. I never know. I guess I wasn’t paying attention in class the day that was taught.) Anyways… 
So when I was a kid I had this obsession of going to places I probably shouldn’t go. I used to climb on my next door neighbor Mr. Pea’s roof, climb onto the roof of schools, crawl into small crevices, and explore jungleous (I am aware thats not a word… but I like it) alleys. One day I was crawling into the dark, moist, and nasty abyss (i’m sure there are other words I could list to describe the place I decided to crawl into) that was beneath my house. A cat had had her kittens under there and I wanted to catch them. So I am crawling around looking for these cats. It is dark and hard to see. The kittens were a grey color so they matched the dirt that hadn’t seen daylight in who knows how long. All of a sudden I feel this electric shock envelop my body. I froze not because of fear but the inability to move. I felt my body shaking and an uncomfortable tingly sensation all the way to the tips of my fingers and toes. I don’t know how I escaped the grasp of electricity but I did. It turns out I had run into a frayed electrical wire. 
That began my fear of electric shocks. Scary stuff. I could have died under my house and no one would have found me!
Ok so there is a point to this… For the past week I have been getting shocked roughly 18 times a day. When I say roughly I mean exact. Today I counted. Is that normal?! Normally it happens ever once in a while, but not 18 times in one day, and this has been happening for a little over a week! Is there something wrong with me? 
So I brought this up with Julie (the lady I live with) and she said it could be the shoes I am wearing or something. I’ve worn different shoes all week and it happens in all of them. Then she told me it was my electrifying personality. That relieved my stress a little bit… Because I do have a pretty electrifying personality. But that makes me wonder… I’ve always thought my personality was electrifying so shouldn’t I always have been getting shocked? Or did I just recently become electrifying and didn’t even know it. Who knows. 
Hoping I don’t get shocked,

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