Check List.

Eat something. I am famished…
Learn to make a bomb avocado soup.
See Michaelangelo’s The David in person.
Swim in the Salt Lake.
Finish Research Paper. CHECK!
I finished my research paper on the Amarna Period of the New Kingdom in Ancient Egypt! Woot!
I have been stressing about it all day. Actually for several days….
The above picture is of my little study cubicle in the BYU SLC Library. This is a cleaned up version of my workspace. Before I finished my paper it was in complete chaos. It was insane. Speaking of insane. I was pretty insane looking about 5 min ago. I was freaking out about not finishing in time, flipping through my books like a mad woman, whispering to myself, and pretty much pulling my hair out. I have now tamed the mane.  
Why do college papers give us crazy eyes and bad hair? Because it sucks. For real.
No longer with crazy eyes and bad hair,

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