Preparation is key to success. Then why have I not been preparing for what could be the craziest thing I’ve ever done? No I’m not even talking about moving. I’m talking about the fact that tonight I am going to this place called the Realto with my father and bringing Whitney along. If you are not sure what the significance of this is, let me explain. My dad goes to the Realto every Tuesday night and has a Jam session with a whole bunch of other musicians. They each take turns standng up at the mic and playing music for the audience. My father has been begging me to go and to perform as well, but I’m a big chicken. But I decided to go tonight because I kinda feel bad thatbi am moving so far away. So tonight I will be playing one song which is “Dream A Little Dream Of Me”. Ihave had this crazy dream to be a musician for a long time… So I think this is something I need to do. Wish me luck. 

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