Park Music.

Yesterday when I got home from work I walked through the iron gate into the back yard to reach my back door entrance. I come to find three kiddie pools of various sizes blocking my path. These pools sparkled beneath the sun. It seemed as if the ripples that were traveling across the surface were inviting me to jump into the nice cool water. Right then I decided to drop all of my plans, slip into my swim suit, grab a book, and sit in a small pool with fish on the side in my back yard. This I did.
After several hours of sunshine and good reads, Benjamin comes. I say “why are you here!? Courtney’s still at work.” Ben replies “I came to pick you up for the concert.” Right then I realized that those little pools brainwashed me into forgetting about the opening night of the Twilight Concert Series in Pioneer Park. The bands New Age and Explosions in the Sky were playing. I then raced into my basement to change.
After we picked up Courtney from work we arrived at the park. There was so many people with so many different cultures. I like going to places where there are a multitude of cultured people. It makes me feel as if I am cultured too. I still haven’t figured out if I am cultured or not… I love how events like free concerts in the park bring people together.

The first band wasn’t really my cup of tea. The first five min of their first song pretty much sounded like a fighter jet was flying right over head. The thing I like about open concerts is that even when the first band sucks, you can just people watch. I saw some pretty crazy people doing crazy things. This one guy was just dancing around doing all these crazy moves and flinging his hands around like he was trying to dry his wet hands. He would dance in front of people he didn’t know and point at them and wink. I kinda felt like he was just imaging that everyone was there to watch him dance. This other guy was dancing as well. He kinda did these side to side rocking motions. The cool part was his hands. He just looked like he was doing magical spells in time with the music.

 Courtney read her book pretty much the entire time. Ben wore a fedora. To distract from my crazy hair, I wore a scarf.
Half way through the second band we left. People continually walked by and hit me with their bags, arms, shoes, and elbows. People were stepping on our blanket and smoking in our faces. The band was pretty good, but I felt like I had been enough cultured for the night.
After we left we hit up McDonald’s for a Mighty Kids Meal. There was this hobo there who pretty much reeked, had a slur in his speech, and a limp in his walk. He is full blooded Ute Indian, I know this because he told me as he begged for money. Courtney told him she didn’t car about the Utes thinking he was speaking of the sports team. We told him we were from Texas. He seemed disappointed. Here’s a quote from the full blooded Ute hobo “Texas? Well All my exes live in Texas…” We then walked away.
Ben with his Mighty Kids Meal light saber that doesn’t actually light up. So lame.
Twas an interesting night.
I’m very much looking forward to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s and Bright Eyes in a couple weeks.

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