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I am so excited about my first craft post!!!! I have been waiting for this day for a very long time. Having been too busy to actually make the things  I wanted too was so depressing. But I now have time which is awesome.
Since I now go to work at 7am and get off at 3pm, I get home and just want to craft! The problem is that I don’t like to craft alone. Well, thats not true…  i’d just rather craft with a buddy. Courtney Is my crafting buddy and she gets off work at 6. Thats a whole three hours that I have to wait!!!! Yesterday she finally gets home and gets me all excited about making these sweet yarn lanterns weve been talking about making, and then informs me that she is leaving to go boating with her friend stealer of a fiance Ben. These are the exact words that I said to her… “What!?! Don’t leave me! I’ve been waiting all day for you to come home to me!” After we laughed about my choice of words, she then discovered that Ben could not borrow his fathers car to transport the boat to the pond. So we then crafted!!!!!!!
We’ve seriously been slacking on our Etsy shop. We have several earrings that we have yet to put up, and tons of supplies to make others. While Courtney got the yarn lamp materials ready I made these bad boys! This is just a small glimpse of how ridiculously cool these are. 
 I think that these may just be my fav! Soon I will have these little guys up on my shop. Hopefully Saturday evening…. If you would like to purchase these or a similar pair please click HERE!

We have also been getting started on some decorations for the Wedding. Never having done this before, we were quite surprisedd by how difficult this was to do. Maybe we just havn’t gotten the hang of it… but it turned out being a three man job. Ben held the balloon and unrolled the yarn. I soaked the yarn in the paste and untangled it when it was tangled. Courtney wrapped the yarn around the balloon. In the process of doing so the paste flung everywhere. It was all over Courtney and I. Ben somehow doged the mess, but then again he wasn’t really into it. We made him participate (he was sitting quietly on the couch watching a netfllicks movie on his phone while we labored over his wedding decor).

Here are a few things we discovered about making these.
This is a great project for young and old! Kids who enjoy getting their hands messy would have the time of their lives! (Courtney’s 12 year old cousin Kevin told us they were the ugliest thing he had ever seen hanging over someones dining table, but I am sure he will change his mind once they are done. He just had no concept of what they could possibly be.)
 The Balloon should not be too big unless you have had enough practice to handle a large sized balloon. 
You should hang the balloon up instead of holding it (the balloon gets very heavy).
String that you have already wrapped around tends to fall off so be careful when wrapping.
Have fun! Don’t be afraid to get messy! Just make sure you prepare an area so that your house doesn’t become all slimy.
They are not finished drying yet, and look more like slimy dinosaur eggs then lamps that you would hang at your wedding, but I have a feeling they will turn out extremely awesome.
I’ll post some pictures of the finished product very soon!

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