I am leaving for Texas early tomorrow morning! I am so very excited. I do not really look forward to spending 24 hours in the car… but I do look forward to spending that 24 hours with my best buddy Kaitlyn. I have loved having her in town, and staying in the basement with us.
On wednesday Kait and I went to Liberty Park and caught up. It was such a beautiful day. We sat in the shade next to the pond, snacked on some chips, and talked. Great day. I have missed being able to do things like that with her.
I can’t wait to see my family and to spend long days on the beach basking in the Texas sunshine. I just need to get away from the unfamiliar, and spend a little bit of time in the familiar. Get away from the stress of being on your own.
Here are some things I have missed about Texas:
My family. And my cat.
The beach.
The sunshine.
The openness of the horizon.
The way you can see the bend of the earth when you look out into the ocean.
The salty air.
The Texas flags. This reminds me that I don’t even know what the Uath state flag looks like. I’ll look it up.
Bourdens chocolate milk. Unfortunatly they don’t have it here.
It’s only been four months… but it feels like an eternity.

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