16 Hours

Today Kait and I drove for 16 hours…. Crazy. I think I may have been hallucinating there towards the end. It was dark. I was terrified of hitting deer, and was mentally preparing myself to slam the gas instead of the break in the event that I do come in contact with a deer. I’ve been told it prevents the deer from going through your windshield.
I actually had a pretty good time today because I was talking with Kait. We covered pretty much every subject imaginable. Ok maybe not ever subject… But a very wide range. I also enjoyed the scenery. I have a hard time sleeping on road trips because I don’t want to miss anything. I want to see and experience it all. I love how as you drive the scenery changes. I always feel connected with nature. I love those back roads that curve with the terrain instead of the mega highways that just cut straight through it. It’s fun to imagine yourself out in the wild doing extraordinary things. I have talked about this in a previous blog post. If you want to refer to it click HERE! I am very passionate about road tripping. I love it. Some people just don’t understand…
Looking forward to being in Texas!

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