Oh Nooo!

My boss asked me to start coming in a 7 AM. That is 7 in the morning. I don’t even awake until after eight! I would have to go to bed at 10:00 PM to get my minimum amount of sleep required for me to function… which is eight hours. Thats the min. I don’t believe I have a max. 
“The early bird always gets the worm.” Uh I personally do not care about the worm. I would rather sleep and go hungry. Most the time I do that. I wake up to late for breakfast (which is ok with me because I am not a big fan of breakfast. I always feel nauseous after I eat it.) 
But, there are some pros to this!
I get off at 4 which means I have time to get things done!
Ok so thats the only pro I can think of right now…
Losing sleep,

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