Stranded at the drive in. Branded a fool.

This is a weekend recap. 
Friday: Misty, Courtney, Ben, and I went to the drive in movies.
Saturday: Misty, Courtney, Ben, other people from the ward, and I went to the drive in movies.
I had never been before. I am now obsessed. Drive in movies are the absolute best way to watch a movie. Out under the stars… I now have a reason for having a truck (i’ve always disliked my truck because I have no use for the back end). Misty and I put a mattress in the back end and and brought tons of blankets, pillows, and snackage. I have never been so comfortable in my life! Let me rephrase that… I have never been so comfortable watching a movie in my life!
I have a strict policy about watching more then one movie in a day, and watching more then 3 movies a week. This weekend I watched 2 movies in one night and watched a total of 5 movies in three days! I’ve discovered that the reason I don’t like to watch movies a lot is because I am not comfortable sitting for long periods of time. The drive in movies is the exception. I was so comfortable that I could didn’t even get tired of watching movies. 
So we watched Kung fu Panda (which was awesomespice), Thor (I think I am in love with Thor for obvious reasons… If your not aware of the obvious reasons… he is ripped), and the new X-Men movie (James Mcavoy… need I say more?).  
I just had the best time this weekend. 
Pros and Cons of drive in movies:
It’s completely awesome!
Your out beneath the stars.
You can cuddle up under your blankets to ward off the cool night breeze.
You don’t have to sit next to smelly people you don’t like. Unless of course you bring some one who is smelly and you don’t like them. I would recommend not doing that. It will ruin the experience.
You can bring your own snacks.
You pay 7 dollars for two movies.
It’s simply amazing.
People stand up in the back of their trucks and block your view. To cure this situation you simply have to yell at them. “SIT DOWN WOMAN!”
John Travolta doesn’t dance in front of the screen and sing about Sandy. “Stranded at the drive in, branded like a fool.”
There are not swings in the grassy field in front of the screen like in Grease. I was disappointed.
People talk because they think you can’t hear them. But you actually can.
John Travolta doesn’t sing “Oh Carli”. This was highly disappointing.
I am just wondering why drive in movies are not as common as they once were. Those people back in the old days really knew how to have fun. I often wish I lived in those times. Cooler entertainment (that is way cheaper), better clothes, and the mainstream music was actually pretty sweet jams. What has happened to us!? What happened to the classics!? Why doesn’t anyone have class?! Why do women degrade themselves?! 
Ok that last question is irrelevant to the topic… but important just the same.
Go have some fun at a drive in movie…

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