New Shoes.

A couple months ago I found this little second hand store in downtown Salt Lake. The clothes there were really nice. It was one of those stores that you sell your old clothes to. At the time I was really on the market for some new moccasins, because without fail, every time I wore the ones I already had it would rain and they would get soaked. So now they are kinda crusty and crusty shoes aren’t comfortable. 
At this store I found a pair of Steve Madden moccasins in really good condition for dirt cheap. I think that if I had not bought them I would have dreamed about them for the rest of my life. Bad dreams… Not purchasing them would haunt me. Don’t you hate that?!
I wore them for a couple weeks and then stopped. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the fact that the bow would always come untied. 
So last week I decided to do a restyle which is one of my favorite things to do! Heres the result!
The process is so simple! 1. I took off the bow. It kept falling off anyways. 2. Trim the fringe. I did a V-shape. It would also be cool to do maybe a circle, or even straight across. Or even an introverted V. I wish I had thought of these earlier… 3. Choose your favorite color and paint! I used and acrylic paint with fabric medium mixed in. (The fabric medium is not needed. It just softens the dry paint. You can get fabric medium at most craft stores in the acrylic paint section.) 4. You might have to do two coats depending on the color you choose. When painting the edges be careful not to get paint on the seam. 5. Add a design if you like! I have also seen glitter painted moccasins. 6. Let it dry and enjoy! 
P.S. Notice the dress? Coming soon…

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