My Complaints For Today.

I have noticed that I complain a lot. Mostly about the weather. Sometimes about school. Occasionally about work. Rarely about leisure time. Never about me. We all have the right to complain. It is satisfying to take a little time out of your day and tell someone about all the things that you don’t like that have happened. I will admit that it gets awfully annoying when people are constantly complaining… but I think that it is healthy to complain and hear others complaints every once in a while. Maybe we all have a complaint-o-meter. So if you have already had your fill of complaints for today then do not read this. But. If you would like to partake of my complaints please read! Also. If you are then inspired to share the complaints that you are dying to let be known then please tell me!! But if your complaint is about my complaints then please don’t tell me because I did warned you not to read if you had already had your fill of complaints… If that makes any sense at all. So here it goes.
I don’t like the fact that I have to go pee every 15 min. I have only drunken two bottles of water.
I don’t like the fact that I was told that it is going to snow later today.
I don’t like the fact that when I look out the window I can see the sky becoming progressively more dubious.
I don’t like how I can feel the cold seeping from underneath the door and into my bones.
I don’t like how the place where I got lunch did not give me utensils with my salad.
I do not like how mean people are to me when they find out that I called them to tell them not to come in for their interview today and they didn’t ever check their message so they came all the way here only to be told that it was cancelled. (The woes of a receptionist)
Lastly. I do not like how I am now terrified to sleep at night because I thought I heard a man outside my window the night before last. Now every noise that was once normal is now a gun man who is going to smash through my window and blow my brains out. The worst part is that it was probably only a cat nesting in the window well.
Happy Wednesday.

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