The Night Before.

Today has been insane!!! But there is absolutely no doubt that tomorrow will be even more insane then today. This is what I did today.
Went to school. Did not pay attention at all due to the billions of things that I need to do today running through my head.
After class I took a small moment of my day to stop at Ruby Snap and get the new cookie of the month! They didn’t have it yet… So I settled for Novembers cookie. Which is divine.
Then Courtney & I got some lunch sent off a package to a lovely customer and headed out to the place where we are having the craft show. Today was the set up day and we were not at all prepared to do that…
All the people there were hard core. Soooo legit. Suffice to say… we were very intimidated. We did some hard core people watching. After finding our booth we walked around a while to see everyones set ups. Not that many people had set up, but we could definitely tell that a lot of these people were pros.
We then went back to our booth and tried to plan stuff out. There are some definite trials.  We are jumping through hoops to get everything ready. 
We are pretty much freaking out but soooo very excited. Wish us luck!

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