Mid City Schooling.

I finally began school at the BYU Salt Lake Center. A great alternative to the large jam packed Provo campus. Small classes of 9 to 15. Quiet. Clean. High tech. Not very stressful. It’s nice.
Pros to BYU Salt Lake Center:
The elevators talk to you. Plus there is no ridiculous elevator music.
I get to park in a multilevel parking garage.
There are big windows that overlook the city. 
And nice comfy chairs that allow you to sit and look at the city.
There is a fuze-ball table. Not that I’d play it. It’s just really cool. It lightens the mood of the room.
My biology teacher plays Chariots Of Fire before class to get us pumped. I am not lying.
The bathroom faucets have what appear to be solar panels on them. But theres no sunlight in the bathroom! Maybe that is what makes the water the perfect temperature.
We pray at the beginning of my religion class. And if our cellular devices go off in class you have to bring treats to the next class time. Today someones cell went off. :) I look forward to Tuesday.
My World Civilization teacher had no upper teeth on the first day of class. He says his bark is worse then his bite. He has gotten implants and now has teeth. 
He also takes long dramatic pauses. Not only it is it awkward, it is slightly humorous. I do feel his words resinating in my mind. Apparently he knows something we don’t.
He also taught us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. I feel as if i’ve learned a new trade. 
I could go on…
Cons to BYU Salt Lake.
You have to pay 7 cents per page you print.
Thats all.

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