An encounter with a rabid dog.

Today we encountered a flesh eating dog. He didn’t actually eat any flesh… but he definitely could have. I am sure of it.
I will recap this with almost every detail.
This morning I woke up all alone on my little mattress in the living room. Both roommates were out and about doing things that will benefit themselves. One at dance class moving her feet to the rhythm. The other at work making money. I thought to myself “I want to go bike riding today.” I had never wanted anything so much in my life. Ok thats a lie, but I did really want to ride my bike. I imagined myself riding down the streets of West Valley on my baby blue cruiser. The wind at my back pushing me along. My hair blowing in the nice warm spring breeze. 
So I go upstairs to get some breakfast only to find that a white blanket of snow covers the bright green grass that I was hoping to see. This upset me. 
Thankfully the snow melted away quickly and we were able to go on a bike ride. Courtney, Mackenzie, Kaytlin, and I set off. Kaytlin rode a Razor scooter, the rest of us rode bikes. I found riding my bike much more difficult then when I rode it in Corpus. I dislike hills. Corpus has hardly any hills. Maybe thats why I bought a bike with one gear. If I had planned on riding my bike in Utah I probably would have gotten a bike with more gears. 
We are having an enjoyable time. Riding up and down hills. More like dying as we go up, and having the best time going down. Then we turn onto Pavont St. and out of nowhere the flesh eating dog with red eyes appears. He rips of Mackenzie’s leg. Kaytlin jumps on a dumpster. The dog jumps up and bites her left hand off. He then jumps off the dumpster and bites Courtney’s foot off. He then goes after me. I kick him as hard as I can. He flies 300 feet and hits a brick wall. He then explodes. I then sew on all my friends body parts with a twig and a fishing wire. The end…
Ok… That didn’t happen. 
The truth.
He isn’t a flesh eating dog. He was brown and had normal dog eyes. He barked a lot and chased us down the street. Kaytlin did jump on the dumpster and Mackenzie almost got hit by a car. We all were separated and had to take different routes home. We all survived with out a scratch. 
Moral of the story is…
People need to keep there dogs behind a fence.

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