I Love You Mac.

Today was awesome. Except for the motion sickness… and the wet pants… and the fact that I was freezing due to wet pants. 
Wearing wet pants is possibly the most uncomfortable, unflattering thing. Wet pantaloons cause chaffing, saggy butt, and coldness. 
Let me explain. 
This morning Courtney, Ben, and I went to Lagoon; the local amusement park. So fun. There is nothing like spending the day screaming at the top of your lungs. I am one of those people that scream the whole time. Like that one video on AFV where that big black kid screams “Im falling!” over and over again. At first I was self conscious about my ridiculous screaming, but now i’ve come to the conclusion that it is way more fun to be that crazy screamer then to sit there with your mouth shut and your body extremely tense. 
As for the wet pants… No I did not have an accident. Ben made us go on a water ride and swore to me that we would not get wet. I WAS SOAKED! He hardly got wet at all while courtney and I were dripping. Maybe if it had been 90 degrees it would have been ok, but no. It was in the 60’s. Thanks Benjamin.
Cons to theme parks… I get sick. The ride home is always endlessly horrible. Made even more horrible by wet pants.
Later in the day we had amazing calzones, and amazing curry carrot coconut cookies from the most amazing cookie shop called Ruby Snap. 
Unfortunate events of today… My Mom lectured me about the spending of my money. Stressful!
Right this second my roommate Ashley and I are simultaneously blogging. While listening to 80’s music. Doing a little dancing. More like flailing our limbs randomly in time with the music. Thats the best thing about 80’s music… Flailing limbs= dancing.
Ashley and I are always simultaneously using out lapytops. Always chatting about people in the room. Sharing silent conversations. I like to think that we are actually reading each others minds instead of chatting when in the same room. It makes me feel like I am not that ridiculous teenager that cant actually handle face to face conversations due to societies dependence on technological communication. Thats right I said it. Sadly I think I suffer from the same symptoms at times. I do spend most my time staring at a computer screen. All day at work, and then all evening at home. I think Mac and I need to take a little break. 
Or not.

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