Temple Square

Friday night I was extremely tired of being in the house and just needed to get away. Aunt Tavie and her two kids Kendy and Kevin are visiting for a couple weeks. So we decided to go do something in Salt Lake. Of course the only thing that we can think of doing is either going to the beautiful Liberty Park, or to Temple Square. Since it was 8:00pm and getting dark, we decided that Liberty Park is not the best place to go at night. I transforms from a nice family park into a hobo hangout after the sun goes down. So to Temple Square we went!
The temple is so beautiful at night. This is one of the many things that I love about living in the Salt Lake Valley. At night you can see many of the temples from a far because they are the brightest points in the valley. It’s so beautiful to see their bright heavenly white light amongst the yellow city lights. The Salt Lake Temple is exquisite. Can you believe that it took 40 years to build?! Because of purescution the building was postponed several times. The temple foundation was buried to to hide it from those who came to destroy it, and through all that it now stands as the shining beauty of the city.
Here are a few pictures… ( They aren’t very good due to my lack of camera skills and the fact that the other day I changed a whole bunch of settings for my sparkler pictures and couldn’t figure out how to reset them. I have since then fixed it. All is well.)

After this spirtual adventure we lightened the mood a bit. Tavie decided to take us to some mysterious place that she went when she once lived here. On the way there was a car of attractive men who waved at us. Of course we waved back because I find joy in waving it random people in other cars. Especially children. Tavie then tells me that if I take a picture of them she will give me ten bucks. Of course I do this. TEN BUCKS! She rolls down the window and asks them if it’s ok if I do so. They happily agree and then pose for the picture. Because the light turned green and the cars began moving these are the shots that I was able to get… 

I find them very funny, and kindof cool. A little artsy maybe?
Unfortunatly Tavie did not give me the ten bucks she promised, but I had a great time.

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