I Know A Girl WIth A Texas Smile.

School started yesterday… It actually feels nice to have  full day of work off again. Even if it’s dedicated to school. And as much as I say that I wasn’t ready for school to start, I just wasn’t letting myself admit the fact that I was completely ready to go back. That time off was not serving it’s purpose. Instead of embarking on many wonderful projects I laid around the house and watched movies and the entire season of Pan Am (which by the way is sooo amazing).
So far it seems like my classes will be pretty interesting… well except for statistics. I will never be interested in that class. Never.
In my New Testament class my professor is hilarious. He had each student say their name and where they were from and he would say some really cheesy jokes about where they are from or their picture on the roster (BYU puts pictures on the roster… great… because my Id picture is so sick.) After I announced that I was from Texas and that Texas is probably the best state in the union he told the following joke.
Professor: “You know I once had a girl with a Texas smile in my class.”
Everyone turned to me and asked “What is a Texas smile?”
I shrugged.
Professor: “You know! Wide open spaces!”
That quite possibly is the best Texas joke I have ever heard. If you know of a better one then please let me know.
Only at BYU would your Statistics teacher make you announce your name and relationship status on the first day… and give you 2% extra credit if your get engaged during the semester… Honestly… My professor is trying to marry us all off! This is such a Utah thing.
In my genealogy class (my filling a requirement class) I am literally the only person under the age of 50. Maybe even 60 (I am not that good at guessing ages)! Granted there are only 4 people in the class. But still. They are all old enough to be my parents.
Tonight i have my last class that I am taking this semester which is persuasive writing. I am really nervous. I am not at all good at grammar and spelling and pretty much anything about writing. Plus I don’t really think I am that persuasive. Like at all.
Happy Thursday.
P.S. Last night I went ice skating. It was kinda fun. But mostly painful.

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