I am the hiring manager! No. Your the assistant to the hiring manager.

You know how in The Office Dwight always says hes the Regional Manager but Jim always says Assistant to the Regional Manager?! Well that is tots me. I am Dwight telling everyone I am the Hiring Manager. Because in my opinion I kindof am.
On Wednseday my boss informed me that I was going to be in charge of all the hiring. Not just the prescreening and putting out the adds on Craigslist. I will be doing the interviews and deciding who to hire. Frighting! I have never had such an important position in my life! Thanks to my boss and his encouraging words I am now slightly enthusiastic about my possition. Mostly because I get to tell people I am the Hiring Manager, but that is more like an exaggeration…. Today I spent the day prepairing myself for this position. I decided to clean up my messy cubicle, throw out old papers, wipe that wierd stain off the far corner of my desk that I have been afraid to touch (it came right off!), and getting rid of that sandwich bag of pretzles that has been hiding behind my monitor for the past month. I then moved stuff around. I moved this file thing around my desk like four times and then decided to put it right back to where originally was. It’s better that way.
Good news is that I hired someone already! I am just terrified that he is going to be a really sucky employee and all my bosses are going to be P.Oed at me.
Right after I hired the first guy I got a call from a guy wanting a job and he did not really seem like he was that enthusiastic and stuff. This is what I said after I decided not to hire him.
Carli: ok so, ummm.
Him: Silent.
Carli: I will… Ummm give you…
Him: Silent.
Carli: Can I… Ummmmmm…… Call… you…. back?
Him: Uh, yeah…
Carli: Ok ummm… Have a great weekend… God bye.
I then hung up. I seriously had no idea how to tell the guy I wasnt interested in hiring him. Then felt all bad because he sounded like he really needed a job. Then I thought I was a horrible person because I am not going to call him back, and I just denied this guy from his livlihood! I am a horrible person!
Here are some things that I am trying to overcome:
Feeling sorry for people.
Not knowing what to say.
Saying ummm. I seriously would be an awesome meditator because I have the ummmm part down pat. If I just add an “h” and say hummmmmm instead….
Stuffing food behind my monitor and forgetting about it.
So… If you are a cool enthusiastic person who needs a job and will not make me look like a fool then you have the right to ask me for a job. I would hesitantly oblige.. (is that how that word is spelt?!) I am also trying to overcome me horrible spelling…

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