Home Sweet Home.

It has been great to see my friends and family. I can hardly believe I have been gone for 4 months! It feels like I never left. Today I was driving around Corpus Christi and noticing the new things, and the old things I had never noticed before. I ate at one of my favorite restaurants, The Tango Tea Room, and had the Avocado Tacos. They are the bomb diggity. I took some pictures down town, and then had dinner at Rudy’s BBQ with my brother and aunt. Today was great. I love being home…. But I do not love the heat. And this surprises me because that is something I have been looking forward too. I guess I had blocked out of my mind how severely hot it is. How when you walk out the door you are blasted with sunshine and heat, and how you are pretty much sweating from then second you step outside until 10 min after you actually get back inside. The sun blinds you. The breeze feels hot instead of cool. The sun is like a dementor sucking the life right out of your body. It’s insane how hot it is. The dumb thing is that I brought several sweaters and pajama pants instead of pajama shorts. (luckily I had left some shorts here…) I spent 20 min this morning trying to figure out what to wear because I was trying to find the out fit that I’d be least hot in. Then went out side to discover that I would be hot in anything I wore. I am a hot mess. 
Good news is that I got to see little baby Riley today! Such a cutie! He’s got such beautiful blue eyes. He was also flirting with me, and being such a happy baby. Then when I got out the camera he got fussy. But he’s cute when he’s fussy too.

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