Today I got to go to the beach! It had been four long months since I have felt the burning hot sand between my toes. As usual, it was blazing hot. The sun was beating down stealing the life out of my body. But I didn’t care. I was finally at the beach. I have desperately missed the salty air, and the endless view of the water. It is good to know that although it has been four months, the beach is the same as when I left it. The same sand, same water, same grimy seaweed, same little jelly fish… The only thing that is different is the people. Although there is one thing that is the same about the people, it is that hardly anyone wears swim suits that flatter their bodies. I know that is a hard and daunting task… but I am just saying that bikinis are not meant for everyone. Actually, very few people can pull them off. You may be slender, but that does not mean you can pull it off. 
Ok I will stop with the what not to wear…
Kait and Andy went to the beach with me. They didn’t dress to swim, but I did!
I went out in the water by my self, but I didn’t mind. It was just great to be out in the waves. (Mom if you re reading this do not worry. I barely went in the water past my knees. Plus there was tons of people out there. I was hardly alone.) My mom freaks out about the beach… The water was cool as it rushed past me. My mom was right the under toe was kinda bad… I just walked around a bit, did a little body surfing, mentally prepared myself to swim parallel to shore incase the under toe got me, and thoroughly enjoyed being in the water. The ocean is so powerful. Poseidon definitely makes his presence known. (greek myth…)
Although we didn’t stay long, I did have an amazing time today. For all my Utah friends who say that the Salt Lake is just like the beach, you obviously don’t know what your talking about. That slimy, smelly, gnat infested thing you call the Great Salt Lake does not compare in the slightest even to the worst beach in the world. Just saying…
Above are a few pictures to illustrate my amazing day at the beach.

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